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Some textures are in normal jpg-files in resolutions : 1363 x 1022 - 3968 x 2976. Some textures can differ from this interval.
Some textures are delivered together with a model. You can see an example to the right. You can rotate the "stone" in all directions and zoom in and out. The model is delivered in a zip-file and in the different texture-foilders, You can see which program the "texture" can be opened in.
Below this text, You can see examples of normal texture files in jpg. You can shift between images by choosing one of the thumbnails. When hovering the image, You can see an enlarged image beside the image.
The image You see in the download-folders, is of course not the one You can download. The downloaded file is in full resolution and without watermarks. When it is a model You see, You can not manipulate this model as it is only a "image" of the model You see. Some of the models have a text/link "Live". When clicking this link You will see a model You CAN manipulate ( rotate and zoom )
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