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A 3D community for people living in 4D
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Welcome to our 3D community

Here you find downloadable models, textures and sounds

Many tutorials - and we offer support - via mail or via our chat




Sound effects




We have 3D Tutorial of Various Software, 2000 Minutes Video. + Textures, Material, of Humans and Animals, Architect, House, Car, Machine, Nature, Water, Tree, Stone 5000, + Our textures are JPG, 1363 x 1022 - 3968 x 2976. +

The images You see is in lower resolutions, and they are watermarked. The images you download are in full resolution and without watermark.
Images for Cinema, Film, background images photos, A 3d images, shows how realistic, Competition with realistic+
Plugins of different Software. + Sound Audio, of People, Special, Laughter, Crying, Cry.+ Weapon, Rocket, Bombe, Background, Rain, Wind, and of Animals also, and even more than 1500 sound. + Human Figures and Animal Figures, more than 500 +++. And objects vehicle Car, House, Weapon, Airplane, and more than 2000.

Charakter - Talk, Laugh, Cry, Kiss, Dance, Play, Applauding Hands,
Walk Normal, Run, Older To run, Baby To run, Woman to run, Man running, Arm height running, leg height run, Headaches run, Powerful running, refined run, Back to back running,Sneak Running,Walking distance running, Sexy Model Running, Swagger run,Sneakers run, Tough running, Even more and more 500 different types for People and Animals 500.

You are welcome to contact us if You want to know more, have suggestions or want to be a member


Export for CINEMA 4D, Blender 3D, Unity 3D, Vue 3D, Poser 3D, 3D Max,
Softimage XTI 3D, VRML 3D, Zbrush 3D, Sketchup 3D.

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The nature video is from YouTube. You can see the video by clicking

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The raindrop video is from YouTube. You can see it here, by clicking

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